If the site name wasn’t clear enough, Extraordinary Reviews is a website dedicated to reviewing all varieties of products and services. 

While some websites focus on a very specific niche, such as an entire website aimed at reviewing dog products, we like to cover anything and everything we find interesting.  

Our goal with our reviews is to be as honest and forthright as possible. It may seem like we are full of compliments and praise. If so, that’s most likely due to the quality of the products and services that catch our attention.

But, to be clear —

When we like something, we will say so. When we think something could be improved, we will say so. 

Full Transparency

Extraordinary Reviews is not a free public service. This website does earn revenue from the products and services reviewed through affiliate programs. 

That however doesn’t mean we only put on our cheerleader uniforms and rah rah rah everything we review. 

We only earn a commission (NOTE: at no extra cost to you) when a reader purchased a product or service through an affiliate program we link out to, and they keep that product or service. 

If they don’t like what they received and then return it, we don’t get paid. 

That means, we have zero incentive to exaggerate the quality or sing false praise about anything we review. 

Aside from that, if we gain a reputation for poor reviews, we will lose the trust of our readership. Without you, it doesn’t matter how many cool things we review.

But, I can’t find…

The team at Extraordinary Reviews is a small but dedicated one. We put a lot of time and effort into each of our reviews. 

Due to limited resource and the amount of time it takes for us to get new reviews published, we cannot cover everything under the sun. 

If there’s something you absolutely MUST know more about that we have not covered, we’d love to hear from you. 

Just give us a shout using our contact form here

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