Choosing Funeral Music

The death of a loved one is a heartbreaking experience, and the surviving family members often find themselves confronted by a wide selection of difficult choices to make in the midst of their pain. Of all the challenging issues that impact the grieving family, preparing for the funeral is one of the hardest.

Everyone wants to ensure that the funeral is a touching way to commemorate the departed while still maintaining their unique personality during the service. Choices in music are one of the most difficult and least considered options that grieving families face.

By choosing classy funeral music, families can rest assured that their departed is being honored while reflecting their unique life.

Why Does Music Selection Matter?

Obviously, when guests attend a funeral they are coming to pay respects to the departed and say their final goodbyes, so does it really matter what music is played in the ceremony? Surprisingly enough, it does!  The funeral music sets the entire tone for the service. Music can make the difference between guests that leave the funeral feeling relaxed and at peace, and those who feel unrest and concern after attending.

As the survivor who is in charge of choosing the music, it is important that you opt for songs that will help the mourners remember the deceased in a positive manner while feeling a sense of closure about their passing. Consider it your last opportunity to help your departed loved one by providing them with classy funeral music for their service.

How to Choose Funeral Music that’s Classy

While classy funeral music might be important, it can be difficult to choose the right songs that will provide an air of dignity along with a sense of calm. Listed below are several ways to choose funeral music that is classy and appropriate.

Choose Songs with a Slow Tempo

Funerals are a stressful time for those who have been left behind. During the service, people will need time to process their feelings and pain. You can help them to get through this difficult time by choosing music that has a slow tempo and is played softly.

Some popular selections include classical songs that are played without lyrics, religious melodies that include hope-filled words, and popular soft rock/jazz songs that won’t disturb the aura of the funeral.

Never choose a funeral song that will cause guests to cover their ears or grow uncomfortable. During a funeral, emotions are high and people need classy music that will help them to relax and sort through all that they are experiencing.

Consider Your Loved One’s Preferences

The funeral is about saying goodbye to the one that you loved, so choose music that will tastefully display their specific preferences. Get together with some friends and family to discuss the songs that your loved one enjoyed.

While it is important to remember your loved one’s personality and opt for songs that they would appreciate, some songs should not be played at funeral services. Songs that are loud, wild, or use foul language might have been some of their favorites but they are not appropriate for a funeral. Remember that you are using this funeral to help other survivors find peace. Don’t allow yourself to choose music that is more appropriate for a mud race.

Even if the deceased was a heavy-metal fan, everyone has a soft spot for several calm songs. Try to discover and focus on these!

Think About Religious Concerns

Depending on the spot where the funeral is being held, it may be required that you only play religious music. Some churches and other places of worship require that funeral music only include songs that are spiritual.

Rather than feeling stifled by the requirements, enjoy the opportunity to choose music that offers a hope for the future and the confidence that we can meet the departed again.

Even if you aren’t tied down to strictly religious songs, it’s important to keep these matters in mind when choosing the music. Funerals are a highly sensitive time and many people consider the entire death process very spiritual. It’s certainly not the right time to play any songs that mention “hell”, “sinning”, or “punishment”. Instead, lean more heavily on songs that talk about “heaven”, “forgiveness”, “love”, “joy”, and “peace”.

Consult with Other Family and Friends

Rather than bearing the weight of choosing classy funeral music on your own, take into consideration the ideas of other family and friends. By getting a second opinion, you can discover a better grasp of what is appropriate and respectful while also gaining a better understanding of the departed’s preferences.

A funeral is a one-time event to say goodbye to a deceased loved one. By choosing classy funeral music, you can help grieving survivors feel more at peace while commemorating the life of the one who passed away.