Corkcicle Tumbler Review & Comparisons

When it comes to keeping your beverages hot or cold during a long trip or even just your morning commute to work, you want something that is going to do the trick without breaking the proverbial bank in the process. This is why so many people swear by insulated tumblers as a great, affordable way to take your favorite beverages with you wherever you go, while keeping your drink hot or cold for hours.

Quick Summary

  • Available in 16 oz. & 24 oz. sizes
  • Multiple colors including brushed steel, acai berry, peach, pink, and more
  • Made with triple insulated stainless steel
  • Includes BPA free plastic shatterproof lid

There are tons of different types of insulated tumblers that are made from different materials and utilize different means of insulating the tumbler to help keep the contents hot or cold for as long as possible. They range in sizes and shapes, as well as colors and other personalized options. There are a great many reasons why having a high-quality insulated tumbler just makes sense.

A Closer Look

Corkcicle is the maker of popular travel beverage containers in all shapes and sizes. Their Corkcicle Insulated Tumbler is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable, cute, and convenient way to take their favorite beverages with them to work or play.

This is a great value and the Corkcicle tumbler is available in multiple sizes with the 16 ounce version being very popular. You have your choice from between 20 different colors, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your personality.

The tumbler is triple-wall vacuum-seal insulated and can keep your beverages hot for up to 3 hours and cold for up to 9. It is highly durable and well-constructed. It is shatterproof and has a leak-proof lid that is easy to slide open but that doesn’t leak all over the place. There are also four different collections, which relate to the types of finishes on the tumbler.

Corkcicle vs. IBEX

The first big difference you will notice between the Corkcicle Tumbler and the IBEX Tumbler is the price difference; the IBEX tumbler costs quite a bit more. There are a lot of similarities between these two tumblers; they hold the same amount of liquid, use vacuum technology to help keep beverages hot and cold, and are also both spill proof.

The IBEX tumbler uses copper as a means of insulating the tumbler, which is a relatively unique way of insulating a mug and likely adds to the cost of the tumbler. It also boasts the ability to keep ice cold and frozen for as long as 72 hours, which is definitely impressive, but not something that is particularly necessary or valuable to most of us.

If you don’t need to keep your drinks hot of cold for up to three days, then the less expensive Corkcicle is a smart buy.

Benefits of Using an Insulated Tumbler

One of the biggest perks of having a good-quality insulated tumbler is that you can easily take your favorite beverages with you and can expect it to stay at their optimal temperature for many hours. Another perk of insulated tumblers is that they reduce waste. Most of us are keenly familiar with just how much disposable material enters our waste stream each year and most of us are also responsible for some of this waste. By using a reusable tumbler, rather than using a onetime-use or soda cup, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste you put into the waste stream.

Many people also save money by using an insulated tumbler. Those $5 coffees every morning might not seem like much, but it can really start to add up. With an insulated tumbler, you can make your favorite coffee drinks at home and take them with you, saving money spent at Starbucks and even gas stations on beverages that you can easily bring from home.

Considerations When Buying a Travel Tumbler

Though it is certainly not the most complicated thing you will ever buy, there are a few factors that you should consider before you go shopping for an insulated travel tumbler. You will, of course, want to consider how much you want to spend on a tumbler and let this guide your research and potential options.

You will need to consider how long you want the tumbler to be able to keep your beverage hot or cold. There are different tumblers that have different levels of insulation, meaning some will keep your drink hot for a few hours, and some for up to 12. There is no sense in paying for something that can keep your beverages cold for 24 hours if you only need it for the work day. You will also want to make sure that the tumbler holds an adequate amount of liquid. If travel is where you intend to use the tumbler most often, it is also important to be sure that the tumbler you choose can actually fit in a standard-sized cup holder.

Some people like to have a lot of variety when it comes to color options or even the ability to customize their tumbler. If this is important to you, be sure to look specifically for tumblers that are available in a wide range of colors so you can find one that is perfect for you.

Common Questions About Corkcicle Tumblers

Is the Corkcicle tumbler dishwasher safe?

No. You are not supposed to put the Corkcicle tumbler in the dishwasher. It should be hand washed, with a non abrasive sponge.

Is the Corkcicle tumbler spill proof?

The lid has a slider on it that Corkicle says is leak-resistance and the entire lid is cased with a silicone gasket.

Why is it called a tumbler?

Although the exact origins of the word “tumbler” when referring to a drinking glass is not known, many believe that they are called that because of their flat and heavy bottoms, helping to prevent them from tumbling over.

Where to Buy The Corkcicle Tumbler?

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The Final Word

Whether you like the convenience of being able to take your favorite beverages with you wherever you go, or you are looking to save money or reduce waste, a high-quality insulated tumbler like the Corkcicle Tumbler we review here is a great way to achieve all of these things. With a good-quality insulated tumbler, you can be sure that your beverage will stay hot or cold all morning, or even all day. You also save money by bringing coffee from home as opposed to stopping at a coffeehouse every day. Additionally, you also reduce the amount of waste you produce by reducing your use of disposable cups.

Whether you choose the Corkcicle Tumbler we review here, or simply use this as a guide, we are sure you will love the savings and convenience you reap from using a high-quality insulated tumbler for your beverage needs.