Urn Necklaces & Pendants for Ashes

We never wish to lose a loved one, but it will surely happen eventually. When it does, it’s important to remember that although their body is gone, they can still be a part of your life. Nowadays, it is easy to keep the memory of your loved one that has passed alive.

While standard burials and still very common, more people than ever are opting for cremation. If your loved one chose cremation, you have to decide on how and where your will store their remains.

Scattering their ashes is always an options, but keeping them affords many people a certain comfort. You can keep them nearby all the time.

The most popular method of storing ashes is in an urn, but an alternate storage option that is gaining in popularity if to keep the ashes in a necklace or pendant. These lockets for ashes give you the opportunity to ensure the memory of your loved one near your heart following you wherever you go.

Types of Cremation Keepsake Necklaces

There are different types of necklaces and pendants made specifically for holding ashes available in the market today. Commonly referred to as urn necklaces, like all types of necklaces they come in different styles and appearances.

One of the biggest decisions for choosing the type that you find most appealing is the type of metal it’s made of. The two most common are silver and gold, but there are some less expensive options too such as pewter. You also need to decide on whether you want a gem like a diamond or ruby as part of the design.

Once you work that out you can focus on finding the style you know suits your loved one’s personality. Some are very simple designs while other are much more exotic. Or, you can opt for one with religious tones.

Reviews of Our Top 5 Urn Necklaces

There are many necklaces and pendants for ashes in the market today that you can choose from. Below are our top five choices based on design and value.

The Eternity Heart Chain & Pendant

Urn Gold Heart Necklace There is a saying that love is eternal. Though it’s true that everyone eventually passes away the connections we share with our loved ones should never die.

Check PriceA way to reinforce this is through a simple piece of jewelry that will forever bind you together with your deceased loved one. The Eternity Heart necklace and pendent do just that.

It’s more than just a plain necklace. It’s a piece of cremation jewelry meaning that it helps to hold the ashes of your loved one.

Here are some highlights of the Eternity Heart necklace:

  • 18 karat gold finish
  • includes a 20-inch snake chain
  • specifically redesigned from original source necklace to hold ashes
  • includes filling instructions and has an online tutorial as well
  • does not require the usage of any glue

The Eternity Heart is a classic, elegant and sophisticated pendant you can use to honor your loved one. It is lovingly crafted with a very fine attention to detail. Along with it’s classy appearance, it is also built to last, so you can wear it with confidence.

Its classy design makes this great purchasing to use yourself or as a as gift.

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

The Eternity Heart is a great option for those looking for a classy but affordable option. Upon first glance, most people won’t even notice that it’s made for carrying ashes and just assume it’s a normal necklace and pendant. That means it’s your choice if you want to share personal details about it or not.

Another thing we like it that they have made it easy to put the ashes inside. The include everything you need such as instructions and online video help, a 10 mg scoop, micro-screw, pipette, toothpick, and screwdriver. That’s all you need.

Overall, this is an excellent choice.

Always in My Heart Pendant

The Always in My Heart pendant is another excellent option.

Check PriceThis keepsake for ashes is made from rhodium plated sterling silver. The heart-shaped pendant has the words “Always in my heart, etched into the right side while the left has a wave design.

The hollow pendant is generally used as place for the owner to keep their loved ones ashes, but you can also use it for keeping a lock of hair or dried flowers that remind you of them.

This message is carved in front of the cremation necklace for ashes.

Here are some highlights of the Always in My Heart pendant:

  • pendant measures about 1 1/4 inches from top to bottom
  • an 18-inch chain is included
  • easy to open for filling but closes securely due to the screw on top
  • includes a small funnel
  • includes inspirational verses from scripture like Psalm 23:4and Isaiah 25:7-8

The inclusion of the card with inspirational quotes makes this particular urn necklace a top choice to give as a gift. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one for yourself.

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

This is a very beautiful piece of jewelry. The etching gives it a little extra special meaning as a keepsake. The fact that it’s helping you keep a loved one near your heart makes it that much more special.

It’s very well made and it won’t break the bank. But, if there was any drawbacks to consider, it would be that the manufacturers of this pendant recommend using a permanent adhesive to seal the screw top once the ashes are placed inside. It’s not really a big deal but it’s always nice to know what you are spending money on.

SmartChoice Glass & Rhinestone Heart

Glass & Rhinestone Urn NecklaceAnother cremation necklace option is this one from SmartChoice. It’s a bit different from the above two options, but it does have some similarities to the Always in My Heart pendant.

Check PriceThis piece of jewelry is designed specifically as a necklace meant to hold a loved ones cremated remains. The body is made from glass so you can see through it unlike almost every other urn necklace. And, “Always in My Heart” is beautifully imprinted on the glass.

In addition, the glass heart has very ornate rhinestone studded arms wrapped around it. All of this is hangs from a stainless steel chain.

Here are some highlights of the SmartChoice pendant:

  • unique design allowing ashes to be seen
  • available in multiple colors including sky blue, green, purple, topaz, and more
  • a 20-inch chain comes standard
  • funnel and screw on cap make filling and sealing simple
  • includes a beautiful presentation gift box

Everybody will know how special the person is to you when they see this around your neck.

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

This cremation necklace really stands out as it’s designed in such a way as to not obfuscate the ashes it’s holding. It doesn’t have as much of a classy feel to it, but it has a certain appeal.

And, don’t let the glass fool you. This is very well made and very sturdy. If you’re looking for something a little different than the other cremation necklaces on the market, this is a great option that is customizable due to the various color choices.

Silver Mountain Rings & Heart

Forever in my heart urn necklaceAnother necklace and pendant that plays on the heart theme is this beautiful piece of keepsake jewelry made by Silver Mountain. It’s actually quite an intricate design.

Check PriceAt the very center of the pendant is a small sterling silver hear-shaped urn meant to hold your loved ones ashes. Moving from outside in, the next piece is a smart ring that encompasses the urn. Etched into the ring is, “Forever in my heart”. Then, moving out again you find another ring encircling these.

The most outward ring also has an engraving. It reads, “No longer by my side”.

Here are some highlights of the Silver Mountain crisscrossed rings and heart:

  • made with high quality 925 hypoallergenic sterling silver
  • pendant comes with a 20-inch rolo chain
  • includes gift box in case you are buying this for someone else
  • suitable for both men and women
  • high end appearance at a value price

The two crisscrossed rings really makes this necklace stand out from other similar items.

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

If you are looking for a very well made necklace designed with storing cremation remains but don’t have a big budget, this is a fantastic option. It’s a surprisingly intricate design when compared to many other options, and it’s not something you’ll need to take out a second mortgage for.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the upkeep can be more than you are used to if you have never owned or maintained a piece of sterling silver jewelry. You really need to be careful to keep it away from chemicals such as chlorine, bleach and ammonia as they can damage it. And, if you don’t wear it frequently, the silver can tarnish and require cleaning.

Aside from the upkeep, it’s a beautiful option.

Angel Wing Memorial Necklace

Angel Wings Necklace UrnThis angle wing and miniature urn design is also from Silver Mountain. It takes a different approach than the other four reviewed above.

Check PriceInstead of a heart being the focal point, there is a small sterling silver cylindrical urn. It’s classy and sleek on its own, but there’s also an embedded cubic zirconia stone to add a little dazzle. While this alone makes a great keepsake pendant, there’s more.

There is a small angel wing that hangs from a chain along with the urn. It too is made from sterling silver.

When you place the two together, it really makes for a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Here are some highlights of the Angel Wing Memorial Urn necklace:

  • includes your choice of an 18-inch or 10-inch rolo chain
  • shipped with a gift box along with a cleaning cloth
  • wing and urn can be worn together or separately
  • large opening make it easier to fill thank other comparable items
  • glue is not necessary to close the top

If you aren’t into the heart imagery of the other necklaces, this is a great choice.

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

You can’t ask for much more than this type of quality at this price point. It’s a beautiful piece that won’t set you back financially but will do the job of keeping your loved one near you at all times.

While it’s included in out top choices due to how perfect it is for ashes, since it doesn’t have any inscriptions or religious overtones, it’s a great choice for keeping other small items from experience you want to memorialize like sand from the beach where your significant other proposed for example.

What to Look for When Choosing Keepsakes for Ashes

A fair amount of care and consideration must be taken when choosing the right cremation jewelry no matter if it’s a necklace or a ring and whether for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend. Factors such as personal taste, lifestyle, and budget should all be looked at while you’re choosing the right keepsake for ashes. As it will always serve as a remembrance for your loved one, you want to make a thoughtful choice.

Some main points to keep in mind while choosing are:

Capacity – Some cremation necklaces are designed to hold just a pinch of ash or cremains of the deceased. Some others are designed to hold a little more. Most of these cremation jewelry pendants though are designed to hold about one-eighth teaspoon of the cremains. If the quantity of cremains you want to carry with you is important, than check carefully before you make your purchase to see if the necklace you are considering meets your specifications.

To see ashes or not – There are some glass cremation necklaces like the one we covered from SmartChoice that allows easy visibility of ashes. Most others keep the cremains private preventing people from seeing them as the design does not reveal what is nested inside. Deciding on whether or not you want people to see the ashes is choice that will greatly narrow down your options.

Be conscious of the price and your budget – Before you start searching for a necklace or pendant, put what is in your pocket into consideration. You can’t purchase what you cannot afford. And, it’s important to not forget that is you want to customize your chosen piece of keepsake jewelry such as adding personalized engraved text or changing the chain, it’s going to run you even more.

Pendant, Ring or Bracelet – Depending on your lifestyle, personal preference, and even the type of loss, there are different types of keepsake jewelry you can go for. While a necklace is always a great choice a ring or even a bracelet might be more your style.

For example, it’s common for a widow or widower to replace their wedding ring with a cremation ring.

In Summary

It is not easy when the time comes that we have to face the loss loved one, but it is inevitable. That doesn’t mean you have to lose the memories of all the good times you shared though.

Memorializing a passed wife, husband, sister, brother, or any family member or friend by keeping their ashes in a necklace  you have with you all the time is a great way to keep them near your memories.