Best Elongated Toilet for the Money

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a new toilet that’s going to be on the more comfortable side. In general, toilets that are designed with an egg-shaped bowl tend to be much more comfortable than the standard round ones due to the extra surface area provided by their oval shaped toilet seat.

They also add a bit more style to your bathroom or restroom’s overall décor.

Reviews of Toilets with Elongated Seats for 2021

There are so many great options out there when looking for a new toilet. It doesn’t matter what features you prefer, you will find several suitable models. When it all is said and done and you narrow your potential options down to the final two or three, that’s when personal preference come into play.

Here are three options that stand above the rest. Which one is right for you?

WoodBridge T-0001

WoodBridge T-0001 ToiletThe WoodBridge model T-0001 is among the best complete toilets currently available.. Although WoodBridge is a young company that was only started twelve years ago, it rivals in quality with popular big brands such as TOTO and American Standard.

Check PriceAside from being a solid option overall, as elongated toilets go, you can’t go wrong with the T-0001. It’s oval shape makes it possible to sit for an extended period without getting too uncomfortable. Furthermore, in the company’s words it is manufactured with “chair-height seating” to pair with the elongated seat for maximum comfort.

While not in the range of super efficient flushing toilets like the extremely popular Drake II, this WoodBridge model is categorized as a low water consuming toilet. It uses a dual flushing technology which basically means that you have a choice of pressing one of the two buttons on top on top of the basin depending on the amount of waste to be flushed. This type of design has been common in Asia for over a decade, but is just now becoming more popular in the U.S.A.

The general idea is that you don’t always need tot same amount of water to flush what happens on your throne. A #1 needs less water than a #2. So, the first button lets you flush the #1 down with only 1 gallon (1GPF) while the second button, which is used for a #2, uses 1.6 gallons or 1.6GPF.

When you take how many times you use the two buttons over the course of a year, the T-0001 does compare to toilets that only use 1.28GPF. And, they are all much less than many of the standard models using 3 gallons or more per flush.

Aside from the design alone, something you will love about this WoodBridge toilet is that everything that you will need to get it installed and fired up is included in your purchase. As you may know, some toilets don’t include all of the hardware you need for installation, or they don’t include a seat. With the WoodBridge you don’t need to worry about that. It includes a pre-installed soft closing seat, floor bolts, and a quality wax ring.

Its minimal sleek design looks great and makes the cleaning process a breeze. The one-piece design and skirted trapway remove unnecessary nooks and crannies where bacteria love to congregate. And, it just looks awesome.

Regarding the one-piece design, while it does offer a very modern look and making cleaning a breeze, installation is a bit tricky. Some find it easy to instal because there aren’t multiple heavy pieces you need to mess with while others feel it can be a bit of a pain in the rear due to having to manipulate a bulky toilet in its entirety. It’s not a big deal but it i something to keep in mind.

WoodBridge also sweetens the deal by including a five year limited warranty with this toilet. It covers porcelain parts that fade or glazed areas that stain. And, there is a one-year warranty that covers the flushing mechanism and the soft closing seat. That’s a really generous warranty showing they believe in their quality.

TOTO UltraMax II

TOTO UltraMax II ToiletIn the running for the top position for the best elongated toilet in the market is the TOTO UltraMax II (Model number MS604114CEFG).

Check PriceTOTO is a world renowned brand with a rich history, so you are sure to be somewhat familiar with them. Having been operating since 1917, they are among the most trusted brands on the market today.

The UltraMax II is among the best of TOTO’s offerings and is considered one of the top elongated toilets options by industry professionals. The elongated design matches modern design demands while at the same time gives you a big comfortable seat. Its height is also optimal and great for both short and tall people.

Since TOTO is a global leader in the toilet industry, you should not be surprised that this model is considered a low water consuming model with it only using 1.28 gallons of water in every flush. Saving water is each and every day is its job, and you can feel like you are doing your part to minimize your carbon footprint. Due to its low gallon per flush numbers, is has also been approved by the EPA’s WaterSense program. When you compare it with legacy model toilets that use upwards of two or three times as much water per flush, you will realize how much water it saves every year.

A big problem many people have with toilets that promote themselves as being water efficient is that while they do indeed consume less water per flush, you sometimes need to flush more than once as they lack any kind of actual flushing power. This is not one of those toilets.

The flushing system uses TOTO’s special double cyclone also referred to as their tornado system. It uses two jets to thrust water around the bowl when you flush, so even though you don’t use a lot of water, that water has a lot of force behind it.

The SanaGloss surface also helps with keeping the entire toilet clean while simultaneously making it easy to wipe or rinse down. You basically have to go out of your way to make this thing not clean.

You have several different color options for the UltraMax II:

  • cotton white
  • colonial white
  • bone
  • Sedona beige

The biggest drawback of this product is that it tends to carry a bigger price tag than many other standard options in the market. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

This product is ideal for home use but its quality design, water efficiency, and adherence to ADA specifications makes it great for public settings as well.

Kohler K-3889-0

The Kohler model #K-3889-0 is a clean, efficient and a simple toilet design that conserves approximately 16,500 gallons of water every year, making it not only one of the best and most comfortable elongated toilets on the market, but one of the most efficient as far as water usage goes. It’s actually one of our top three best flushing efficiency toilets.

Check PriceWe already discussed how it’s EPA WaterSense certified and has also been certified and qualified by other institutions such as the California Energy Commission (CEC), Colorado SB 14-103 and CAL Green. So, instead of delving into more about it’s low gallons per flush, we can look at what else makes it a top choice for models with elongated seats.

It’s part of Kohler’s Highline series, and it meets their Comfort Height specifications. In other words, it’s not too low for taller people or for people with bad knees or hips.

While it originally was available in seven colors, three have been discontinued. That leaves these four color options:

  • white
  • biscuit
  • almond
  • black

If there is one big drawback for this model from Kohler is that unlike the WoodBridge model above that comes with everything you need, this one does not come with a seat. For some people that’s just annoying. But, you can spin this into something good.

Kohler makes a fair amount of very nice toilet seats and bidets. You can customize your new K-3889-0 with the seat or bidet that you find most appealing. And, since they are both made by the same manufacturer, you can be sure they pair perfectly.

It’s also fair to say that the design and quality make this suitable for both home and commercial use.


Everyone wants to have a comfortable toilet in his or her home. An elongated toilet takes your comfort to another level. They are simply much more comfortable than your small standard round models no matter your body shape or size.

All the three toilets are solid choices for home use, and the TOTO and Kohler ones really stand out for commercial usage. If you own an office or are a contractor, they are worth checking out.

They all are considered toilets that save water too, which makes them great choices as well. You can’t really go wrong with any of the three options as long as you choose the design that best fits your personal preferences.