Best Macerating Toilet Options (Upflush)

No matter what your bathroom looks like, the most essential component is the toilet. If you were thinking of remodeling your bathroom, now would be the right time to consider opting for a macerating toilet. Macerating toilets differ from conventional toilets in that they have a built-in shredder to break up solid waste. This allows the waste to be piped and pumped through a pipe as far as necessary to dispose of it.

Macerating toilets can also be installed in basements and other areas where you can’t rely on gravity-fed wastewater pipes to dispose of your waste. Some models are self-contained. This allows you to install a toilet almost anywhere, including places that don’t have traditional plumbing. Here’s a guide on what you should be looking for and some of the top macerating toilet options for 2019 and beyond.

What Should You Consider when Buying an Upflush Toilet?

There are a few things that you’ll have to look at first to make sure that you don’t only pick the right macerating toilet but the right one for your home as well. Here are some of the factors you’ll have to consider:

Price: Macerating toilets tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional models due to the additional components. This is why you need to consider how much you can actually afford to pay for your new toilet. However, this shouldn’t be the only criteria, and you shouldn’t immediately jump on the cheapest unit out there.

Water Consumption: Water consumption is another factor you’ll have to look at when buying a macerating toilet. Anything that requires around a gallon per flush is considered reasonable.

Size: Because of the macerating bathroom pump, some macerating toilets can be huge, which can be an issue if you have limited space.

Reviews of Our Top 3 Picks

Below is our selection of the best macerating toilets on the market. They rank high in every major category and will work for pretty much any application. We’ve covered the main features of each unit, some of the good and bad with them, as well as our opinion on each one.

Saniflow Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

Saniflow Sanicompact Upflush ToiletThis Sanicompact toilet is perfect for half-baths that take the pressure off the main bathroom in the house. The unit doesn’t need an external water tank, which is great if you want to save space. Instead, the flushing mechanism is all-electric and needs a 110 to 115-volt AC power line to work. Because of this, the manufacturer recommends connecting the pump in the macerator to a ground fault interrupter circuit.

Check PriceOne point in favor of the model is its minimal water consumption. It requires only a gallon of water per flush. Another benefit of this model is the all-in-one design. It comes with the bowl and the toilet seat. The elongated toilet seat means that everyone from children to larger adults can comfortably use it.

The discharge outlet can be turned 360 degrees, so it can plug into nearly any piping system you have as long as the pipe diameters match. The discharge pipe diameter is one inch. This means the Sanicompact toilet will work just fine in an attic converted into living space. The only potential issue is venting of waste gases – check your local building code.

Here are some of the Sanicompact Model 023 main features:

  • Minimal water consumption
  • Space saving features allow it to fit in tight spaces others cannot
  • Minimal plumbing requirements
  • Can connect with almost any plumbing system
  • Simple installation
  • Low cost

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

This is the best choice for half-bathrooms installed in tight spaces on the ground floor or above. It is ideal for homes that need an extra bathroom but whose owners don’t want to re-plumb half the house to get one. While it could, in theory, work in a basement, there are too many questions as to whether or not it will work as desired in that location.

Liberty Pumps Model ASCENTII-ESW 

Liberty Pumps Model ASCENTII-ESW The ASCENTII-ESW by Liberty Pumps looks just like a conventional toilet except for the macerator unit behind the toilet bowl. The slightly elongated seat is included with the toilet and makes it easy to use and comfortable as well.

Check PriceOne point in favor of this macerating toilet is that it has a removable service panel. This gives you access to the cutter area without having to disconnect the plumbing. Another great thing about it is that it only uses 1.3 gallons of water per flush. However, you should note that it might not handle everything you flush down. For example, things like sanitary pads could clog it, so be aware of that.

Another issue is that it can be noisy. The problem is compounded when you have to flush twice to clear the toilet bowl. However, the need to clean the toilet surface because it uses too little water is a problem common with all toilets that use a minimum of water.

The plumbing and the vents can be horizontal or vertical. This means this toilet will work in basements as well as any level of your home that has standard plumbing connections.

Here are some of the ASCENTII-ESW’s main features:

  • Serviceability
  • No electric connection required
  • Designed for below grade bathrooms
  • Suitable for half-bathrooms in your home when space isn’t a constraint
  • Moderately expensive

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

This macerating toilet is easier to maintain than the others on this list, though you pay for it in a variety of ways. As long as the existing plumbing is compatible, it can last for years. However, it’s relatively low pumping power could be limiting and might make it a good choice for certain applications.

Saniflo SaniPlus

Saniflo SaniPlus Upflush ToiletThe SaniPlus macerating upflush toilet comes with a full water tank, macerating unit, and conventional toilet seat. It doesn’t just look like a standard toilet; it functions like one. One of the benefits of that large water tank is that it properly cleans the toilet bowl after each flush.

Check PriceThe manufacturer allows you to choose an elongated bowl or extension pipe for behind the wall installation. You have to request these options. The elongated bowl allows larger individuals to comfortably use the toilet. The extension pipe allows you to hide the macerating unit and its plumbing behind a wall.

The unit requires about 1.6 gallons per flush, so it uses more water than the other macerating toilets on our list. However, it doesn’t require batteries – only a conventional electrical connection for the macerating pump. All of the plumbing is easy to install.

Here are some the SaniPlus macerating upflush toilet’s main features:

  • Extremely clean and efficient
  • Functions flawlessly in most basement bathrooms
  • Quiet compared to the competition
  • Custom options available

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

The SaniPlus macerating toilet is probably the best classic upflush toilet you can buy and is perfect for basement bathrooms and other below-level installations. This unit is also extremely quiet and puts less stress on the macerator, which could extend its lifespan.


All these units have their set of pros and cons, and some might be more suitable for you than others. However, these are among the best units you’ll ever find, and while they might have some differences, they’re all amazing products. We’re certain that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase once you’ll notice how efficient, powerful, and convenient these units are.