Ozark Trail Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Review

There are a lot of reasons to be happy that we live in the modern age—from modern medicine, mobile technology, how we get around, and even products that we use every day that make our lives easier—that we often don’t think very much about it. A great many unsung products make our daily lives easier, better, or more convenient, and they don’t often get a whole lot of attention. One of these products is the stainless steel travel tumbler.

Quick Overview

  • Available in multiple colors such as silver, black, pink, camo, and more
  • Available in multiple sizes: 10 oz., 20 oz. (pictured), 30 oz., and 40 oz.
  • Constructed with double-walled stainless steel making it great for both hot and cold beverages

It might not seem like a beverage container would be a very revolutionary device, but they are a great way to save money on expensive restaurant beverages, as well as an easy way to take the beverages you wish to drink with you wherever you go. With a good stainless steel insulated mug, you can keep hot chocolate, coffee, and other beverages hot for hours. These tumblers can also keep your favorite drinks cold for hours as well, allowing you to have your beverages at the perfect temperature, even if you aren’t near a microwave or refrigerator.

Why Choose Ozark Trail?

Ozark Trail is a budget-friendly brand that seeks to bring a wide range of consumer mugs, water bottles, travel tumblers, and more. Their line of products is designed for people who travel or have an active lifestyle, allowing them to have high-quality beverage containers, without spending a ton of money in the process. Their Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler is an excellent value.

It is available in 16 different colors and features double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. It holds 30 oz., and features a powder-coated stainless steel construction, making it sleek, stylish, and most importantly, durable. It features a sweat-free design so that when you use the tumbler for cold drinks, your hands don’t get all wet from condensation forming on the outside of the tumbler.

Ozark Trail vs. YETI

There are a lot of people who claim that the Yeti insulated stainless steel tumbler is the original and still the best insulated tumbler on the market. So how does the Ozark Trail mug, which is a fraction of the price of the Yeti Rambler tumbler, really stack up?

Many people have done various tests on these mugs to try to gauge which one is better. What they found is that these tumblers are very similar in construction and design. They are almost indistinguishable just by looking at them, but looks aside, how does the utility and performance of the more budget friendly option compare?

The Ozark Trail tumbler holds its own in every category. It keeps ice frozen for as long as the Yeti tumbler does. It was even tested out with ice and a carbonated beverage and faired just as well in temperature and how watered down the beverage was.

What this leads us to determine is that the Ozark Trail tumbler is a much better value. You get the same high-quality construction and a tumbler that can hold an equal volume of liquid. In comparison tests, the Ozark Trail tumbler keeps beverages cold for just as long, ice frozen for as long, and beverages fresh for as long. The big difference is in the price tag, which is what ultimately really makes the OT the clear winner. It is less than half the cost of the Yeti mug, with no marked differences in quality and performance.

Considerations When Shopping for an Insulated Tumbler

It might not seem like there is much to think about when buying an insulated tumbler, but you don’t want to waste your money, even on something that isn’t a super expensive item to begin with. Waste is waste, and you also want to ensure that the tumbler you choose will actually work as you expect it to. These tumblers can get fairly expensive, so you might want to consider your budget before you start shopping, to help you narrow down potential options.

You will need to make sure that it is big enough for what you want to use it for, but not so big as to be cumbersome and inconvenient. It is helpful to look for a tumbler that has double-wall insulation, as this type of construction will do a better job of keeping beverages hot and cold than tumblers with single-wall insulation. Some tumblers are designed to reduce the amount of sweat that the tumbler emits, which may be something that you want to look for. Some tumblers even have accessories that go with them, like mounts for the tumbler and even stainless steel straws.

The Final Word

There are a lot of products that have enhanced our daily lives that don’t get enough credit. We know about the obvious ones, but what about the value and utility of things like insulated travel tumblers? Having a good travel tumbler, like the Ozark Trail model we reviewed here, is a great way to take your beverages with you wherever you go and to keep them at their optimal temperature for as long as possible. This Ozark Trail tumbler review suggests that it is a potentially better value than popular competing brands like YETI.

With a good insulated travel tumbler, you can save money on expensive coffee drinks from overpriced baristas. Instead, you can make your favorite coffee at home, and conveniently carry it with you to work or even just on errands. The high-quality insulation allows you to keep your beverage hot or cold for hours, which makes it easy and convenient to take your favorite drinks with you anywhere you wish to go. You can save money on expensive coffee drinks by bringing your own from home. You also help do your part for the environment by reducing the number of disposable cups that end up in the waste stream. Most people are shocked at how much trash is produced from one-time use cups.