Best Percussion Massager Gun

Are you in the market for a percussion massager? These handheld tools offer short/quick pulses into the body’s soft tissues.

Percussion massagers speed up tissues’ growth and repair by boosting blood flow to certain areas. They also improve responsiveness by gently stretching the muscles and connective tissues.

Key Features to Look For

When picking a hand-held massager like a percussion unit here are some of the most important features to consider:


These units are versatile in general, but the degree can vary. That’s due to factors like the motor, speeds, attachments, corded/cordless, and ergonomics. More flexibility will usually involve a higher price tag.


On one hand, a handheld massager is more portable than other devices like massage chairs. However, even handheld units have different degrees of portability. This is due to factors like size, weight, and cordless/corded. If you want an ultra-portable massager, then look for a light and compact unit that includes a rechargeable battery.


These are less likely with handheld massagers vs larger units. However, they’re still worth looking for in order to provide more value. A warranty for percussion massagers is usually limited so make sure to read the fine print.

Sometimes you can also find a money-back guarantee. If they’re available for handheld massagers it’s usually only for 30 days or so. A bigger issue is sometimes it can be difficult to get small companies to honor their guarantees.


When considering a handheld massager think about whether it’s a short, long, or wide unit. Elongated massagers are good for reaching tough spots. They usually have a thinner body so you can grab them easier.

Short massagers are typically easy to hold. They include a comfy handle and can easily reach most areas of your back.

Then there are wide massagers. They are effective since they use one massage node instead of two. They usually include many small units that provide a comfy massage. They can also typically cover a large area quickly.


Yes, you usually get what you pay for. Various factors affect the price tag of handheld massagers. They include the motor, attachments, corded/cordless, durability, brand, speeds, and so on.


These units help to make your massage comfier when working certain body parts. “The more the merrier” usually applies in terms of massage attachments. This makes it easier to massage your entire body including sensitive spots.

Power Cord Length

 If a massager has a power cord length check how long it is. Shorter lengths make the units less portable since you’ll have to stay close to the wall outlet. On the other hand, longer cords provide more mobility and portability.

Massage Head

The main types are single and double-head massagers. Single-head units typically have better reach. They’re better at massaging a particular spot. So it’s a good option for muscle cramps/knots.

Then there are double-head massagers. These are better for covering a wider area or even a full-body massage.


This is a weighty (pun intended) issue. A lighter unit is easier to transport with you and will be comfier to use for long periods of time. Just make sure you don’t pick a percussion massager that’s lightweight yet flimsy.

Attachment Heads

The number of attachment heads available affects how you can use the massager. They’re bundled with a certain number, but you can sometimes purchase other attachments/nods. These components provide a different experience for different body parts/massage types. Some attachment heads available include:

  • Kneading Massage Head
  • Scraper Head
  • Scalp Massage Head

Reviews of Our Top Choices

There are hundreds of percussion type massagers for sale out there. We have picked the best rated ones currently for sale

CM-07 Vibration Therapy Massager by Purewave

Purewave CM-07 MassagerCheck PriceThe Purewave CM-07 is recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors for home-use by their patients.  The unit includes a dual motor design for relaxing micro-vibration and powerful percussion therapy.

Numerous customers have shared that the Purewave CM-07 is effective in boosting circulation, breaking down scar tissue, and relaxing muscles.


The Purewave CM-07 includes a dual motor design that provides micro-vibration and percussion therapy. The unit is effective for relaxing muscles and boosting circulation. It provides optimum oscillation depth for deep massage of soft tissue.

The CM-07 also includes other features. It can be used to massage your head, neck, back, feet, and legs. The micro-vibration massage offers a ripple effect.

Features include:

  • Safe for home use
  • Free returns
  • Dual motor design


  • Powerful Motor – The motor has the same or more power than single-head hand-held units. However, even though the unit is powerful, it’s not too heavy and doesn’t cause exhaustion when holding the unit for long periods of time.
  • Battery StorageThe percussion massager can be used for about one hour after charging for one hour. You can get in 2-3 massages during that time frame. After the battery runs out of juice the indicator on the unit’s handle blinks, then it shuts off.
  • Customer Service –  The unit might have some mechanical issues. Replacements often take a long time, and there might be issues with the replacement. You also might have to deal with some issues getting a refund should you need one.

Double-Head Massager by Viktor Jurgen

Percussion Massager Double HeadThe Victor Jurgen Double Head Massager includes a dog head design. It also features 3 sets of free massage heads that are removable, which provide several massaging options.

Check PriceYou can use this unit for areas like the back, neck, feet, and legs.


The Double Head Electric Massager is a professional-strength massage. Its powerful motor turns a maximum 3,350 pulses/minute. It includes customizable speed settings. Personalized speed features let you tweak the unit’s strength/motion.

The percussion massager is also very easy to use. It includes a strong/comfy rubber grip for ease of use.  There’s also therapeutic/fatigue relief. The unit relieves muscle tension/pain and boosts blood circulation. It’s designed for deep-tissue body massages.

Features include:

  • Professional strength powerful motor with up to 3,350 pulses/minute
  • Non-slip comfy handle
  • Dog head design that includes 3 sets of massage heads


  • Multi-speed – This provides more variety when getting a percussion massage. For example, you might want a slow massage just to relax at the end of the day. A firmer massage is better if you have sore muscles, for example.
  • Muscle Spasm –  This unit can help to deal with muscle spasms by providing pain-relief. It’s ergonomic with a curved/padded handle.
  • Short-term Purchase – The unit is designed for short-term use. The percussion massager has various features, but they’re not helpful over the long haul since the unit isn’t designed to last.

Rechargeable Massager by Renpho

Rechargeable MassagerThe Rechargeable massager is designed to relieve full-body pain. It includes a powerful motor to relieve pain of neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, and feet.

Check PriceIt’s also very portable so you can bring the massager with you when you’re on the go.


The powerful motor offers a maximum 3,600 pulses/minute and can stop working after 20 minutes to prevent overheating.  This helps to protect your investment and prevent accidents from happening.

It has a handheld/cordless design you can bring with you anywhere. It includes 5 head attachments. It’s also cordless/rechargeable and includes a built-in battery that lasts up to 140 minutes on a single charge.

Additionally, there’s a safety feature that you can’t operate the massager while it’s juicing up.

Features include:

  • Massage-head attachments
  • Massage head made of hard plastic
  • Speeds up muscle recovery


  • Customer Service – The company provides good customer service. For example, it responds quickly to issues related to faulty units.
  • Compact & EffectiveThe portable massager is easy to use, comfy to hold, and not heavy. You can use the different attachments for various areas of the body. 
  • Overall QualityThe unit sometimes stops working within a couple weeks even after charging it up. Sometimes the charging light is on, but the unit doesn’t turn on. Some customers have complained about receiving a refurbished product rather than a new one, so check your delivery right away. 

Final Word

If you’re looking for an effective and convenient way to get a massage, then a percussion massager is a great option. It can offer a deep-tissue massage that helps relax muscles from hard workouts and relieve stress. Head attachments help to focus on different body parts for the best results.

We’ve just reviewed some of the top percussion massagers on the market. When picking one make sure to consider it’s power, flexibility, and ergonomics, and whether or not you’re comfortable with its price point.