Pet Headstones for Memorializing Your Cat or Dog

While owning a pet can provide us with companionship, laughter, and adventure, the sad reality remains that all pets must eventually pass away. The most difficult thing about pet ownership is the day that you have to say goodbye. Whether a pet passes on due to old age or if they have to be put down because of illness, there is no easy way for their life on earth to end.

Often, people chose to bury their pets in a favorite spot on the family property. For instance, if their dog had a certain shady spot where he enjoyed lying on warm summer days, many owners would let him rest there after his death.

No matter how dedicated you are to finding your pet the perfect burial spot, it can seem incomplete and disrespectful to bury them without a marker of some sort. This is where a pet memorial headstone or marker can be used. A pet marker gives dog and cat owners the opportunity to commemorate the life of their pet in the place where they are buried or in a different special location.

Types of Pet Headstone Grave Markers

The assortment of available pet headstones and markers are as varied as the animals whose lives are being commemorated. Some of them are specifically designated for cats while others are more popular among dog owners.

When picking a memorial stone for your deceased pet, it’s important that you choose one that reflects not only your own preferences but also the personality of your beloved dog or cat.

Reviews of Our Top 3 Choices

While the market is filled with different options for pet headstones and markers, we’ve picked out three favorite memorials. We chose these three specific pet memorials thanks to their outstanding craftsmanship, ability to commemorate a pet in a unique way, and the value they offer for their pricing. Keep reading to discover why these three memorials made it to the top of our list.

Personalized Pet Stone Memorial Marker

Custom Pet Gravestone GraniteOur pets often become as special to us as our own family and, with this personalized marker, it’s possible to commemorate their lives with a touch of classy elegance.

Check PriceRather than simply being an ornately carved stone, the Personalized Pet Stone Memorial Marker honors a pet by giving their owners a chance to submit both a picture and a text to be engraved on the granite stone.

With a polished memorial stone that showcases details such as the pet’s picture, birthday, name, and a special message, this headstone makes sure that your special furry friend is never far from your thoughts. Even years after your pet has been laid to rest, the memorial marker can ensure that details of their lives are never forgotten.

Here are some highlights of the Personalized Pet Stone Memorial Marker:

  • The marker can be customized to match the deceased pet using a special text and picture
  • Using laser engravers, the marker images are supposed to last a lifetime
  • Granite materials make it possible to display the stone indoors or outdoors
  • A large variety of fonts ensures that the marker will match the unique needs of the individual
  • Proofs assure buyers that the marker is just what they want
  • Most stones arrive in as little as one week after they are shipped

The memorial marker provides a lasting way to remember a deceased pet. With stunning elegance, this marker rivals many professional headstones and works to keep a pet’s memory alive long after they are gone. This memorial marker provides the perfect option to commemorate your pet both indoors and out.

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

When it comes to pet memorial headstones, this one provides a sophisticated option that matches the appearance of traditional graveside headstones. This marker will add a hint of class to a pet’s burial site, making it an object of beauty regardless of where it is placed.

We love the fact that the stone can be completely personalized to match the specific characteristics of the dog or cat, giving owners a chance to remember their pet in a way that seems most fitting.

Additionally, the low price point and the high quality makes it possible for any pet owner to purchase and use as they mark the burial spot of their beloved friend.

Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stake

Custom Garden Stake Pet MemorialSome pet owners would rather not go the traditional route of displaying a headstone and would rather commemorate their dog or cat in a more modern way. This is where the Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stake can be a good alternative.

Check PriceThis wrought iron garden stake provides a small 4.25-inch tile display where details such as the pet’s name and lifespan can be printed.  The stake itself is beautifully carved to provide a touch of class to any area.  With its intricate designs, the stake can be used both in more relaxed settings and as a part of the yard layout.

Rather than requiring the pet owner to put this stake at the gravesite, the garden stake is small and can be placed to commemorate a dog or cat’s favorite hangout such as a spot in the flower bed, a tree that they enjoyed climbing, or a soft area in the yard where they loved to lay.

While this choice offers fewer detail options, the display tile comes complete with a set of paw prints etched on it, making it a good marker for both dogs and cats.

Here are some highlights of the Personalized Pet Memorial Garden Stake:

  • The stake stands at 28” by 8.5”, making it the perfect size to display in small areas
  • Can be displayed in multiple places, not just at the burial site
  • Free personalization is offered for two lines of text
  • The wrought iron material and ceramic tile can last through the elements

While this memorial marker is not as showy as some others on the market, it offers a classy way to remember a special pet without taking up an excessive amount of yard space or spending exorbitant amounts of money.

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

If you are looking for a simple but sweet way to remember your beloved pet, then this memorial garden stake is worth consideration.  While it doesn’t boast a large amount of room for personalization, it makes it possible to elegantly remember a pet and their favorite place in the yard.

With a low price, the Memorial Garden Stake is considered a good option for both beloved pets and even strays who managed to worm their way into your heart.

“You Will Never Leave My Heart” Stepping Stone Plaque

Pet Memorial Stepping StonesPets hold a special place in our hearts that can’t be reached by anyone else.  This Stepping Stone Plaque helps to remind us of this fact. Made of a cement resin mix, this plaque contains the raised image of a heart with a paw print on it surrounded by the message “You have left my life, but you will never leave my heart”.

Check PriceRather than simply being a grave marker, this stepping stone can be used both indoors and outdoors. It even comes complete with a hole on the back so that it can be hung up for display.

A less personalized option, this stepping stone plaque is the perfect gift for someone who has recently lost a beloved dog or cat. If you are unsure what to do for a friend whose animal just passed away, this is a low-cost option that will help them memorialize their pet without infringing on their ability to pick their own stone.

Here are some of the highlights of the Stepping Stone Plaque:

  • Measures at 8.5 by 8.3 inches and weighs 2.25 pounds
  • Comes with a preprinted message and image
  • Durable materials make it good for indoor or outdoor use
  • Can be used as a grave marker or a decoration

ExtraordinaryReviews’ Opinion

Sometimes, we don’t want to commemorate our pets lives with a lot of show and fuss. The “You Will Never Leave My Heart” Stepping Stone Plaque makes it possible to remember your pet without going through the trauma of personalizing an expensive stone.

This Stepping Stone Plaque offers a simple but meaningful message, giving individuals the chance to remember their beloved pet while keeping them alive in their hearts. This item is low-cost, giving people the opportunity to purchase it for themselves or as a gift for a grieving friend.

In Summary

While pets can quickly become our closest companions and best friends, the sad truth remains that their time on this earth is short. By purchasing and displaying a pet memorial stone, it is possible to keep their memory alive while openly appreciating the lives that they led. When you look at the marker that you purchased, you can rest assured that your beloved dog or cat will never be forgotten.

Whether you opt for a highly personalized stone or simply a heartfelt reminder, a memorial headstone or marker can help to relieve the sadness associated with the loss of a pet.