Best Punching Bags

George Forman, Mike Tyson, and Manny Pacquiao have more than just being former world champion boxers in common. They also had a fondness for tearing up a heavy bag.

However, while most people instantly think of boxers when you mention a punching bag, many other athletes use them as well, including kick boxers, MMA fighters, and even those just looking to get in a good workout at the home or gym.

Shopping for one can be a bit overwhelming though as there are a lots of options to choose from. The goal of this punching bag review is to help you narrow down those options and highlight only the best punching bags.

What to Look for in a Quality Heavy Bag

​Due to the vast range of heavy bag types and quality, the easiest way to narrow down your selection is to determine a few of your core needs first. For example, knowing how much money you have to spend will allow you to zero in on the bags you can afford and omit the ones you cannot.

Once you know what you have to spend, you need to pick a punching bag that makes sense within the area you plan to use it. You can have the best heavy bag in the world, but if it requires a place to hang it from and you don’t have anywhere to do so, you’re just wasting your money. So, figure out if you can hand your bag, or is you instead need a freestanding heavy bag. Last but least, you really do need to pay attention to the quality. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time researching, buying, waiting for shipping, and then setting up your bag only to have it fall apart in a couple of weeks.

Take a little time to read some of the reviews about some of the bags that make your final list. Are the previous buyers satisfied? Have there been any common recurring problems? Their experiences can really help you with making your choice.

Reviews of Our Top Choices

There are a lot of different punching outs on the market. It’s impossible to review them all. However, here are five that are definitely worth taking a hard look at.

Everlast “MMA” Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast Punching Bag KitThis is the perfect punching bag for you if you are new to this kind of workout or sport. It combines quality with a friendly price, which is something common with the Everlast brand.Aside from just getting the bag, this is an entire set ensured to make getting started easy.

Check PriceYou get the punching bag, wrist wraps (important so you don’t sprain your wrists), heavy bag gloves, and even bungee for added resistance if you feel you need it.

What a steal!


Boxing and combat sport equipment wouldn’t be the same without the name Everlast. This kit is evidence of why.The 70-pound bag (or this 100 pound version if you need something a little heavier) is great for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. It comes filled, so you don’t need to worry about filling material. It also has sturdy straps for you to hang the bag from a stand, beam, or other secure mount.

Features include:

  • More than Just a Bag – As previously mentioned, if you’re completely new to the heavy bag world, this kit is for you. You get everything you need to get started aside from a place to hang the bag.
  • Adjustable Chain – As people are different heights, and not everyone is hanging the bag from the same place, the adjustable chains allows you to get it at the perfect position for your punches and/or kicks.
  • Poly-canvas Durability – The bag can and hopefully will take a beating, so punch away.


  • Trusted Brand – Everlast is a trusted brand in the boxing and combat sport world, so you know you won’t be getting some rinky dink gear.
  • Solid Value – You are getting a bag that can last you a long tie along with everything you need to get started at a very reasonable price.
  • Check Your Package – Make sure to double check your kit when it arrives and verify you received the bag, gloves, wraps, and bungee and some customers have reported the occasional missing item.

Outslayer 100-pound Bag

Outslayer Punching BagAnother bag that’s great for boxing, MMA, and other combat sports is this beauty from Outslayer. Its a big boy too, weighing in at 100 pounds. It comes filled, which is good.

Check PriceThat extra weight does make shipping it a little costly. However, it’s worth it!This choice is a bit of an upgrade quality-wise from the Everlast kit above. You don’t get anything with is, but you do get a quality heavy bag. That’s the real goal anyway.


Aside from being “heavy” this great option is rather long. From top to bottom is measures 55 inches, and then you have 10 inches worth of hanging strap.

While all that bag is usually good, you will want to make sure you have enough hang space in the area you plan to mount it.

Features include:

  • Made in the USA – Getting a great product while supporting US manufacturing is a win win for those living in the USA.
  • Cover Included – The bag ships in a durable vinyl cover to protect it during its trip. You can keep the bag and re-use it should you ever need to move the bag again.
  • Built to Last – the bag itself is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds, so at 100 pounds it’s made to last for a long time.


  • Warranty – Outslayer believe in their product so much they include a 10 -year limited warranty.
  • Free Customization – If you need a D-ring added to the bottom of the bag, Outslayer will add it for free, as long as you contact them right after you order.
  • Continental US Only – This is only available for shipping to states within the continental US.

Century Wavemaster Freestanding Bag

Century Punching BagWhen you don’t have anywhere to mount your new punching bag, you need to go with a different approach. The folks at Century have a great solution. The original Century Wavemaster is a freestanding heavy bag.

Check PriceThat means it stands on its own, sort of. Instead of hanging the bag from above, it is mounted on a base. That base is then filled with either sand or water to keep the bag in place.


Punching a bad that is on a base is a bit different than throwing hooks to something that is hanging from a chain. It provides more resistance that is a lot closer to what a live opponent would feel like, and you get a much different rebound. It’s also surprisingly easy to set up as the base is very light until filled and bag is filled with foam and not heavy materials like sand. And, you don’t have to deal with hanging it over your head.

Features include:

  • Adjustable Height – You can alter the height of the bag from 47 inches all the way up to 68 inches.
  • Very Heavy when Set- After the base is filled, it can wight upwards of 270 pounds meaning it’s very stable.
  • Durable – The outside of the bag is a tough vinyl that can take a beating.


  • No Extras Needed – As you don’t hang this, there’ no need for a stand or brackets.
  • Easy to Move – When he base is empty, the whole unit is less than 30 pounds, making it easy to move if needed.
  • Requires Water/Sand – You will have to supply your own water or sand for filling the base.

Century Wavemaster XXL Bag

Century Wavemaster XXLThe original Wavemaster’s bigger brother, the Wavemaster XXL, is another top-rated punching bag. Like the version above, it’s also a freestanding model that does not require a stand or place to hang from.

Check PriceThe XXL bag comes with tough vinyl cover enclosing a high-density foam that is strong but leaves you without the worry of hard spots developing over time, like what you may experience with bags that are filled with sawdust and sand. The base is more low profile than the on on the original, but it takes either sand or water as well.


The XXL gives you plenty of target space for your punches or kicks. It stand at 69 inches. The diameter of the bag is about 18 inches. The base diameter is slightly larger at around 28 inches.

The design also allows the bag to move when struck, but not too much. Instead, it gives like a real target would. That movement also helps protect your joints.

Features include:

  • Multiple Color Options – The base is always black, but the bag comes in black, blue, or red.
  • 360 Degrees of Action – Since both this XXL and the Original are freestanding, you have the entire circumference of the bag to work on. You don’t get that with a bag hung from a stand.
  • Very Durable – The high-density foam and vinyl cover with take your kicks and punches for a long time.


  • Great for Punches and Kicks – Many freestanding bags are too light for kicks, but the XXL holds up well.
  • Well Made – Quality manufacturing means it won’t come apart during your workout.
  • Tricky Fill – Due to the design and in order to get the slimmer base, it’s a little more difficult to fill than the “Original”.

Century B.O.B. (Body Opponent Bag)

BOB Punching Bag DumyA guide about heavy bags would not be complete without including the Century B.O.B., or Bob for short. Century’s “Body Opponent Bag” is a very unique punching bag that’s noticeable quite different than most others.

Check PriceThe idea behind the B.O.B. is that it more accurately reflects the dimensions of a real opponent than what a traditional punching bag does. You can aim for a nose, a jaw, or even ribs. It’s an all in one punching bag dummy.


BOB shares some similarities with the Wavemasters in that he is freestanding. His base can also be filled with water or sand, and once filled, the whole unit weights in at about 270 pounds. The punching dummy’s height is adjustable. You can set it as low as 60 inches or as high as 78 inches. And, unlike other punching bags, BOB can wear a hat.

Features include:

  • Super Tough – The outside “skin” is made of durable plastisol and the padding underneath is actually a very high-density foam.
  • More Realistic – Heavy bag workouts are great, but  the realistic design of the B.O.B. can help improve accuracy.
  • Warranty – Century gives every new B.O.B. a limited one-year warranty.


  • Made in the USA – Century is based out of Oklahoma and all of their bags, including the B.O.B. are made in the USA.
  • A Unique Punching Bag – More of a punching dummy than a bag, B.O.B. gives a different type of target to train with.
  • No Legs – Unfortunately B.O.B. does not have legs for practicing low kicks.

Final Word

With the large assortment of punching bags available on the market, it wasn’t the easiest task to narrow it down to the five best heavy bags. But, this list is very well rounded.

No matter your situation, there’s an option for you. Brand new to this type of workout? Then the Everlast kit gives you everything you need to get started. A little more experienced? Try a more realistic approach with the Century B.O.B. Nowhere to hang a bag? There are three freestanding. options. And, if you just want a high quality traditional heavy bag, take a look at the Outslayer one.

Any of the five options above are great choices as long as you choose depending on your individual requirements.

Happy punching and kicking!