Rocky Mountain Tumbler Review & Comparisons

Drinks like coffee and tea aren’t the same when they aren’t hot. The same goes for soft drinks that aren’t cold. When you decide on a drink, you want it to stay the perfect temperature for as long as it can. Unfortunately, convection and the other forms of energy transfer have something to say about that.

Quick Overview

  • Holds up to 30 ounces of coffee or tea
  • Beverages stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours
  • Includes clear BPA-free spill proof plastic lid
  • Constructed from stainless steel

Do you find your drinks getting warm or cold too quickly? Do you wish you could bring hot coffee – and have it stay hot – on your way to work. If so, the Rocky Mountain Tumbler may be your cup of choice.

Quick Overview

Rocky Mountain TumblerThe Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a 30-ounce cup made with stainless steel. The packaging will also include straws that you can use to make drinking easier. According to its advertising, it can keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. This is because it uses a double-walled and insulated design to keep the heat or cold inside, regardless of the environment.

On top of that, it has a spill-proof lid and fits in any cupholder to make it great for traveling. If you want to upgrade your thermos or start bringing your own coffee from home, consider the Rocky Mountain Tumbler for all your drink-storing needs.

How it Works

How does this tumbler keep the drinks’ temperature steady? It limits heat transfer. Heat can transfer through 3 methods: conduction, convection, and radiation.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a double-walled insulator cup. This means that it has two layers – an interior and exterior. These layers help to keep the cold in or the cold out by limiting conduction, the transfer of heat by touching. The vacuum insulation is another way of managing the potential heat transfer. Heat requires a medium to travel. In the vacuum between the layers, there is no air or matter to travel through. The idea is that by keeping the inner wall away from the environment, separated by an additional wall, the heat cannot transfer from the inner to outer layer because of the vacuum.

The stainless-steel material that this tumbler is made of also reflects heat rather than absorbing it, limiting the potential heat transfer from radiation.

The final form of heat transfer is convection, which comes from warm and cold air mixing to heat up or cool something down. The lid of the container keeps the heat from hot drinks inside, and the warm from outside from getting into your cold drink. However, in order to drink it, you will need to open the lid. The lid being open is the only way that significant heat transfer should take place, giving you a cold or hot drink for much longer than a standard cup.

What’s Great

The Rocky Mountain Tumblers has more than a few positives going for it. First, the kitchen-grade stainless steel design looks great and does a great job of keeping the temperature steady. The logo is very low-key and the tumbler looks high-quality overall. The stainless steel and its sweat-free design stops condensation from occurring on the bottle, saving you from getting wet hands when picking it up.

A huge positive of the tumbler is the size. 30 ounces is a lot of liquid, and it can hold that comfortably. Despite having a large storage capacity, it also is portable and easy to drink. The tumbler will also fit in most automobile cup holders, so you can avoid leaking and spillage from it.

The final perk of the tumbler is the price. One of the primary reasons that people end up getting a tumbler is to save money. Using the Rocky Mountain Tumbler allows you to bring drinks like coffee or tea to work from home. You can also keep your water cold when exercising, saving you the need to stop somewhere to get your morning coffee or a cold drink to quench your thirst. After a week or two of using the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, the money you will save skipping Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts will more than pay for the whole tumbler. You can then enjoy the benefits of keeping your drinks how you like them practically free of charge.

What Needs Work

Unfortunately, the tumbler seems to be inconsistent. Reviews from customers vary, with some saying it works exceptionally. Others say that the liquids don’t stay hot/cold, and that it becomes just a shiny cup. This seems to stem from the lid used on the tumbler.

The lid is a hard plastic with a hole for drinking, and despite being advertised as air-tight, it seems to struggle with living up to that claim. Some customers claim they don’t have problems, while others only say the lid acts as a “splash-protector,” so drinks don’t overflow from car movements and similar actions. In many cases, liquid was able to trickle out of the top when turned upside down. Therefore, you will primarily want to treat it as a standard cup during transport. This is one of the two major shortcomings of the Rocky Mountain Tumbler.

The second problem is that the drinks don’t seem to stay the same temperature for long. Again, this can likely be sourced to the lid. As we mentioned previously, heat transfers through convection primarily in tumblers and other vacuum bottles. As this product is not entirely air tight, this allows for small (but noticeable) heat transfer, which is the likely culprit to worse temperature maintenance abilities.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler vs MalloMe Stainless Steel Tumbler

n the realm of travel mugs and tumblers, there is plenty of competition. One of the frontrunners on Amazon is the MalloMe Stainless Steel Tumbler. While its goal and purpose is similar to the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, it offers something a little bit different.

Physically, the only different in the tumblers is the logo and handle. The MalloMe model comes with a handle to make drinking easier. Both tumblers are about the same price, include straws, hold 30 ounces of liquid, and use doubled-walled insulator technology to keep drinks warm and cold. They also both have clear lids to check your drink.

However, the MalloMe tumbler comes with 2 lids. One is for drinking and one is for transport, and the transport lid is actually air tight. This allows you to travel with the tumbler without worrying about leaks or spills, as long as you use the right lid. Once you’re ready to drink, you can swap lids and drink away. It also helps to keep the heat or cold in longer because the airtight lid limits convection better than the drinking lid.

How Much Does it Cost?

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The Final Word

In conclusion, the Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a solid choice for those who are looking for a cheap and long-lasting travel mug. You will have to keep it upright in order to prevent spills and leaks, and avoid opening it to limit the cold or heat that is lost. It is not built to travel in backpacks or bags, but will fit nicely in a cupholder without overflowing, making it a good car passenger.

If you want to look at another product in the same range that has more travel and convenience features, you can consider the MalloMe Stainless Steel Tumbler. It has an air tight lid, a handle for more convenient drinking, and is better at maintaining temperatures thanks to the lids.

If you plan to go camping, travel a lot for work, or want to save some money by bringing your drinks from home, a tumbler is likely a good choice for you. It will certainly fare better than a normal cup or mug.