RTIC Tumbler Review & Comparisons

The RTIC tumbler is everything you could possibly want in the way of portable metal drink-ware. Its double-wall vacuum insulation means that it will keep your drinks hot or cold for a long time.

The result of this is that your hot cup of coffee in the morning will still be hot if you get distracted and come back to it at lunchtime. It means that your ice-cold drinks will still be refreshingly icy cold even if you leave them for hours in the sun. That pretty much sums up how outstandingly good the RTIC tumbler is.

Why Choose RTIC?

An important thing to note is that the RTIC is sold at a lower price point than similar products, and that this doesn’t seem to compromise the effectiveness of its ability to maintain the temperature of the liquids inside. The RTIC also looks like a premium high-end product—its shiny stainless steel finish is rather impressive in the standard default neutral steel color.

In fact, the design and aesthetic of this tumbler bears a striking resemblance to the YETI brand tumblers, which can only be a good thing since they’re firmly established in the market.

This stainless steel is more specifically described as 18/8 stainless steel. The significance of this is that 18/8 is the type of steel more often than not used in kitchens for surfaces, sinks and appliances. This type of stainless material (80% steel, compounded with 18% chromium and 8% nickel) is often used in kitchens for its scratch-proof, rust resistant qualities, and its these qualities which make it even more suitable for use in your outdoors drinkware.

With its 18/8 stainless steel construction, you can rest assured that your RTIC tumbler will cope with everything the outside world could throw at it, making it perfect for those outdoor expeditions and camping trips. The RTIC is virtually indestructible.

Functional & Friendly Design

The shape of the RTIC tumbler is designed to fit with ease in the palm of your hand as it tapers towards the base. Compared to other similar tumblers, the RTIC begins tapering higher up, resulting in an easier and better grip. There’s little to no chance of you dropping it as a result, but even if you were to slip up, you can repeatedly drop this tumbler and it still won’t dent.

Another plus for this slick and graceful tapering design is the fact that the tumbler will fit in myriad cup holders. There’s nothing more annoying than buying high-end drinkware only to find it doesn’t fit into your car’s cup holder, or your gym’s treadmill cup holders, or indeed any cup holder.

With the RTIC tumbler you won’t get frustrated and consequently try and force your drinkware into a cup holder that is too narrow for it to fit—probably damaging the cup holder in the process. Instead, your tumbler will slide easily in or out of the holder, avoiding the small but all too common annoyance of the cup holder being the wrong size.

Good for Both Indoor & Outdoor Usage

There’s absolutely no need for a coaster with the RTIC tumbler. No more furious scrambling around for coasters when you have people over; simply have multiple RTIC tumblers at the ready to serve your hot drinks in and you’ll no longer have the stress of constantly watching over people to check they don’t leave unsightly ring marks on your expensive table furniture.

Yes, you might not immediately clock these tumblers as being intended for use insides, but then again, why not use them for domestic occasions? These are not solely for the outdoors nature types—the RTIC tumbler is perfect for anyone.

But just how good is the RTICs heat/cold retention? Say you’re sleeping overnight in a cheap motel in Phoenix, Arizona (the hottest city in the US with average July temperatures over 105.8° Fahrenheit). There’s no air-conditioning and you just can’t shake off the oppressive and excessive heat.

At this point, remembering the RTIC which you mercifully filled up earlier with refreshingly cold water, you reach for the tumbler and take a much-needed sip. Ahh! That’s better. Now, with the help of the RTIC’s cold-maintaining properties, you can get back to sleep.

Different Color & Size Options

Naturally, you won’t always be in such undesirable situations. But of course, the RTIC isn’t only for use under extreme circumstances. With its array of bright and bold colors (including pink and teal), this tumbler would make the perfect present for practical-minded kids and adults who are young at heart.

There are plenty of other colors available for all tastes, including a simple but effective black, a very brilliant white, plain and industrial stainless steel, an interesting (and perhaps practical) camo pattern, a bold teal, a very hot pink, and a fascinating seafoam green. With any of these choices you’ll be getting a top-quality, great looking RTIC product.

RTIC tumblers come in three different size options:

  • 10 ounce
  • 20 ounce
  • 30 ounce

You might be thinking that the one you choose ought to depend on the size of your hands and what diameter cup you’re comfortable holding, but with their supremely graceful curves, both the 20 oz. and 30 oz. tumblers are narrow at the bottom, allowing you to hold both sizes with ease.

The smaller 10 oz. RTIC is technically a lowball rather than a tumbler, but can be held easily as it’s quite a slim cylindrical shape.

So, which one to choose then? It depends on what you plan to be using the tumbler or lowball for.

If you’re an outdoors adventure type person, then you should definitely consider choosing the smaller 20 oz. tumbler in order to ensure it doesn’t take up too much space in your travel rucksack. If, however, you plan to be using the tumbler purely indoors (and perhaps like to drink a lot of liquids) then perhaps stick with the larger 30 oz. alternative.

With any of the three option sizes, you can have confidence that your RTIC tumbler will be great at keeping your beverages cold or piping hot, right up until you’ve taken the last drops from the drinkware. This is thanks to the RTIC’s double-wall vacuum insulation.

Double-wall vacuum insulation works in a way similar to that of double-glazed windows, which are immensely more effective than single-glazed windows at keeping heat inside your house. That’s right. Your drinks will be insulated in the same way as your house. It’s a very clever idea and it works really well.

RTIC vs the Competition

While this is an article focused on reviewing the RTIC tumbler, it would be poor form to acknowledge that you don’t have other options. Let’s take a look at how the RTIC options compare to some of its rivals.

RTIC Tumbler vs. IBEX Tumbler

Let’s compare the RTIC tumbler to a very similar product, the IBEX tumbler. First off, notice how similar the two names are, both four letters long. The RTIC has a very similar design to the IBEX, although there is a significant between lid designs.

These two tumblers actually have a similar weight, similar visual style, and very similar sizes, although the IBEX is slightly slimmer and therefore fits more readily into car cup holders on older cars.

There have been some reports of the RTIC not having the same build quality as some of the competitors’ products: for example, the seals easily becoming dislodged. However, these seem to be isolated cases and not what the majority of users experience.

To put it bluntly, these two tumblers look very similar, and you should be OK with either of the two brands as they are similarly priced.

RTIC Tumbler vs. Mossy Oak Tumbler

Another competing product is the Mossy Oak tumbler. Once again it is surprising just how similar some of the tumbler designs are, to the extent that it’s not immediately obvious to the average person what make of tumbler is which.

One thing which is immediately obvious to prospective buyers though, is the very restricted range of colors available to choose from when deciding to purchase the Mossy Oak tumbler. Compared to the RTIC’s impressive range of colors, the Mossy Oak only comes in relatively plain black and silver.

Arguably though, because both these colors look fantastic, this really is no hugely important loss.

How Much Does it Cost?

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The Final Word

Basically, the RTIC is everything you need in a tumbler. If you want it to hold your coffee, keeping it hot over a number of hours, the RTIC’s got you covered. Say you want to keep your drink of water cold all day. The RTIC’s got you covered. You have a normal size car cup holder? The RTIC will fit right in.

The RTIC is the perfect solution if you want to have confidence that your tumbler is well-designed, being solid enough so as not to leak or dent should you happen to accidentally drop the tumbler every now and then. The stainless steel material is also resistant to corrosion or rust.

Also, the RTIC is something you can be proud of owning. It looks and feels great and the range of available colors means that you can choose one which suits your personality.