3 Tips for Choosing Toilet Paper

Of all the items that we buy on a weekly basis, toilet paper is one of the most personal and the most important. While toilet paper’s job seems fairly straight-forward and functional, the truth remains that the paper we choose makes a big impact on our lives and has the opportunity to transform our experiences on the throne.

Good quality toilet paper has the ability to enhance comfort, while the trashier kind can make for a less-than-pleasant experience. But, despite the fact that toilet paper plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives, it’s also one of the luxuries that is most frequently taken for granted!

According to a recent study, 69% of participants stated that they believe toilet paper is the convenience that is most often taken for granted. Sure enough, while it maybe at the top of our shopping list, very rarely do we actually take the time to carefully consider what variety will be the kindest to our bottoms. Instead, we tend to grab for whatever is easiest to find and offers the cheapest prices.

With individuals using an estimated 57 sheets of toilet paper a day, it’s important to start considering the best quality to get the job done and provide the most comfort.  We’ve put together a list of three top tips to help you choose the right toilet paper the next time you head to the store.

Look for Paper That is Strong and Durable

It’s happened to us all and it isn’t fun. You go to wipe and suddenly you find your finger sprouting through a hole in the toilet paper.

You buy toilet paper for a reason and not because you just like spending money. You don’t want to get your fingers into anything during the wiping process.

To make sure that your toilet paper is up to the job, look for a brand that offers both strength and durability. Two-ply paper is going to be the strongest, offering the best coverage and the least likelihood of finger break-throughs and tends to be the softest at the same time. If you choose a cheaper one-ply, recognize that you will need to double it to receive the best coverage.

You also need to make sure that the durable paper you find is also absorbent. No need to just have liquid running right off it!

Best Toilet Paper

Keep Comfort at the Top of Your List

The brand of toilet paper that you use can make a significant difference in the way that your bottom feels once you’re done on the throne. You need a toilet paper that will be sturdy enough to hold its shape without tearing but also soft enough to not damage the skin on your derriere. Generally, slick one-ply toilet paper will not offer the best options for comfort.

According to studies, toilet paper is used for more than just wiping bottoms. Instead, it is also used for runny noses, wiping small spills, taking off makeup, and even cleaning children’s hands and faces.

Before you determine that your behind can tough some rougher toilet paper, take into consideration the wide range of things you do with toilet paper and choose a brand that will be comfortable enough for all your needs.

If you entertain frequently or have guests, choosing a top rated brand that is going to be comfortable is a must for your upcoming events!

Consider Why Prices are Cheap

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and been almost overwhelmed by some of the great savings that certain toilet paper brands have to offer customers?  While the packages may be huge and the prices seem unbeatable, the truth remains that the product itself is probably disappointing.

Far too often, toilet paper that is a great deal is cheap for a reason.  The quality of the paper often reflects the cost.  If you don’t pay much, don’t expect much!

Often the cheap brands are flimsy and easily tear or are uncomfortable to the touch.  Some cheap toilet paper feels a lot more like tissue paper – perfect for stuffing packages but not great at getting the job done after a long session on the throne.

Rather than settle for cheap toilet paper, consider spending a little extra on a familiar brand or else start couponing and bargain hunting for the best sales.

Final Thoughts

Choosing toilet paper is a task that we often take for granted and don’t spend much time contemplating; however, toilet paper is one of the most important features in a home. Rather than simply grabbing for the first option that you see at the super market, take some time to consider the things that you value most about your paper and what is going to be best for the bottoms of both yourself and your guests.

Take time to consider your toilet paper. And, if you really want to up your comfort, consider installing bidet attachments too. Your bottom will thank you!