Best Wing Chun Dummies

There isn’t one piece of martial arts training equipment that symbolizes Wing Chun as much as the Wing Chun dummy also referred to as the Muk Yan Jong . It helps the practitioner work on their form, speed, and strength while at the same time conditioning their body for real impact.

Anyone who has spent even a few minutes shopping for Wing Chun dummies knows one big thing: they are not cheap! That means when you decide to finally make the splurge and buy one, you want to make sure your purchase is a wise one. That’s exactly the reason why we reviewed these five dummies for you to choose from.

What to Look for in a Quality Wing Chun Dummy

When shopping for a new Wing Chun dummy, you have one major decision to make. Do you want a full-sized authentic wooden dummy, or, do you want a piece of equipment that mimics a wooden dummy? The obvious pros of choosing a wooden dummy are that they are the real deal and you know exactly what you’re getting. You don’t have to worry about any lack in functionality due to not having an authentic piece of equipment.

However, real wooden dummies can be much more expensive than something designed to mimic them. If you are on a serious budget, something you attach to a heavy bag to mimic a full-sized dummy might be a better choice.

Reviews of Our Top Wing Chun Dummy Picks

It’s not always easy to pick the right option when you have too many to choose from. So, the goal of this post if to narrow down the selections to the best five choices that also offer plenty of flexibility for whatever your unique needs are.

Freestanding Iron Body Dummy

Wing Chun Dummy Iron BodyIf you’re looking for a serious value, then this is your pick. Measuring in at an impressive 65 inches in height with an ample 6.5 inch diameter, you get some real bang-for-your-buck. The dummy itself is a great deal.

Check PriceBut, it also include two striking pads along with a 16-inch by 16-inch base. That means you don’t need to worry about having enough wall space for mounting like many traditional dummies require.


If the name Iron Body does make it clear enough, the trunk on this bad boy is metal and not wood. While some traditionalist will sneer at this, there are a couple of reasons on why you might want to consider the Iron Body. By using metal, you can get a very durable product for much less than a full wood equivalent. You also need much less room as the trunk isn’t a thick as many wooden dummies.

Features include:

  • 16 Gauge Steel – The steel body is solid using thick 16 gauge steel that is welded to the base.
  • Plenty of Suction – You might be asking this would need suction. The foot plate that bolts to the dummy’s base includes 12 suction cups to keep everything in one place.
  • Light Weight – This is actually pretty easy to move around if you need to as it’s not overly heavy, all while the base keeps it steady when you need it to be.


  • Adjustable Arms – The arms can be adjusted to whatever position you are most comfortable with.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Nothing speaks trust in one’s product design like a LIFETIME warranty. The warranty is on the body/truck, and not the arms/legs.
  • Imperfections – The base is sometimes best in shipping and can require a little elbow grease to straighten/level out.

Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy

Wooden Wing Chun DummyAnyone who knows anything about Wing Chun is familiar with the name Ip Man. As the teacher of the legendary Bruce Lee, he himself has become legendary.

Check PriceThis dummy is based off of the traditional design that would have been used by both of those famous Wing Chun masters. It’s not made of fiberglass, PVC, or any new materials. It’s strictly manufactured from wood, which is something traditionalists will appreciate.


Aside from being a true wooden dummy, it also comes with an adjustable wall mounted stand. It also comes with two protective striking pads. Another big features to take note of is that this is a solid trunk. That means it’s not just a wooden shell, but a solid durable dummy with solid arms.

Features include:

  • Standard Size – Tall or short, this dummy should be sized perfectly as it’s not compact, but a full-sized version.
  • Warranty – This includes a 5-year limited warranty on the body
  • Color Options – If the natural wood color ins’t for you, there is also a beautiful dark red option.


  • Sturdy & Durable – Due to having a solid truck, it’s very durable. And, the mount is very sturdy. Best of all, the trunk comes with a 5 year warranty showing the manufacturer believes in its product.
  • Easy to Assemble – Attaching the arms and leg is a fairly straight forward process.
  • No Instructions – Though assembly is not too difficult, there aren’t any instructions so you need to spend a few extra minutes figuring out where everything goes.

Half-sized Wall Mount Metal Dummy

Wall Mounted Wing Chun DummyFor the space conscious Wing Chun practitioner, this half-sized option is awesome. Is does require some free wall space unlike the freestanding model reviewed above, but when you don’t have the room for a fill-sized model, you won’t go wrong with this.

Check PriceAs you’re only getting half of a dummy, you also can expect to pay a lot than if you opt for a full-sized traditional version. So, this is great for both those limited by free space and by budget.


The design is very similar to that of the full-sized Iron Body reviewed above. It’s a metal body that is 21 inches from top to bottom. The diameter measures in a 6 inches.

When nested, the staggered arms extend from the base of the body to about 12.6 inches. You of course lose the leg, but there’s not much that can be done about that.

Features include:

  • Solid Body & Mounts – The trunk and mounts are made from solid 16 gauge steel.
  • Traditional Feel – Don’t let the metal trunk turn you off. The arms are made of wood.
  • A True Space Saver – If you have a little open wall space, you have all the room you need.


  • Budget Friendly – It’s nearly impossible to find something with real wooden arms that won’t break the bank, but low and behold, this fits the bill.
  • Easy to Assemble – There’s not too much to put together, so it’s a simple assembly process.
  • Know What You’re Getting – It’s not a full-sized replacement, so you don’t get the same experience. It’s a solid choice though for when full-sized is just not a reality.

Attachmate Wing Chun Training Accessory 

Punching Bag Wing Chun AttachmateSometimes you just don’t have the option to mount something to a wall, and you don’t have any more room for an additional large piece of training equipment. If you do happen to have a heavy bag, you’re in luck.

Check PriceThe Attachmate is a very well designed kung fu dummy simulator. You get three arms in their standard positions without the need of purchasing and storing a new large piece of equipment.


The first thing you’ll notice is that you can take this anywhere. If you have a heavy bag at home, and your gym or dojo has some heavy bags, use one Attachmate in both places.

The unique design also allows the arm to mimic a spring action arm. That means although there are no actual springs, the arms give and push back upon impact.

Features include:

  • Very Durable – You’ll notice right away that it’s very well made. And, it’s backed by a limited warranty, which is always a good thing.
  • Portable – As previously mentioned, you can basically take this anywhere. Even if you don’t plan on moving it between various training areas, it’s easy to store when not in use.
  • Realistic Feel – While the arms on traditional wooden dummies don’t give much and really make you condition your arms, the Attachment gives a little feeling much more realistic to a human arm.


  • Adjust to Your Height – As this attaches to a heavy bag and not to its own trunk, you can easily position the arms to a height that is comfortable to you.
  • Price – If you already have a heavy bag, this is much cheaper than investing in a real wooden Wing Chun dummy.
  • Manufacturing – While the arms are fairly solid, the plastic plates that attach to the heavy bag have a history or breaking rather easily.

ProForce Strong Arm II

Wing Chun Dummy Punching Bag AttachmentSimilar to the Attachmate, the ProForce Strong Arm II is designed to be a respectable replacement for when a real kung fu dummy is simple not an option, whether due to budget, space, or both. And, much like the Attachment, you’re still going to need a heavy bag to attach it to.

Check PriceOf all the five Wing Chun dummy options reviewed, this is 1005 the most budget friendly. It’s also probably the most limited. That doesn’t mean it’s not a solid choice for the right situation.


The Strong Arm II isn’t solely a Wing Chun tool. It’s great for those doing weapons training too. Bo or escrima training? Give this a try.

It’s also a very portable piece of equipment. You can quickly and easily attach it and remove it from a heavy bag, and it’s super easy to pack up and toss into your car.

Please keep in mind though that as the picture states, you get only the two-armed piece. The single arm piece is sold separately , and sadly, the man is not for sale.

Features include:

  • Very Durable – Due to how these are manufactured, they are pretty difficult to damage.
  • Lightweight – Sometimes moving training equipment is a real pain in the neck due to being heavy and clunky. The Strong Arm II is actually fairly light.
  • Multiple Uses – It’s great for Wing Chun training, as well as weapons training. You can even use it to mimic a foes arms for practicing wrestling shots.


  • Price – A true value play as you get much more than you pay for.
  • Manufacturing – It’s very well made and can easily outlast a poorly made full-sized dummy.
  • Manufacturing – While it’s well-made, it’s not the most customizable piece of equipment as it works best with high diameter heavy bags. This bag, like a Thai bag, would be too thin.

Final Word

From the full-sized traditional Ip Man stye Wing Chun wooden dummy to the portable Strong Arm, this list of kung fu training dummy options covers our top choices while offering lots of variety. The reviews also show two wall mounted options, a freestanding option, and two heavy bag attachments.

No matter you budget and space restrictions are, you should be able to find something that fits your personal needs.

Now, get training!