YETI Rambler Tumbler Review & Comparisons

There’s nothing worse than coming back to a hot cup of coffee, only to find that it’s turned cold and practically undrinkable. YETI have come up with an actual solution to this all-too-common occurrence with their uniquely effective range of tumblers. Unlike a lot of the low-budget drink-ware you find on supermarket shelves, the YETI tumbler will guarantee that your drink will stay hot (or cold) for as long as you need it to.

About YETI & the Rambler

Their branding suggests that the product is aimed squarely at the outdoors camping market, and admittedly they are perfect for that environment. But, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t use one of these tumblers inside on an everyday basis.

There are plenty of YETI tumbler reviews out there that will support the claim that this tumbler keeps drinks seriously cold for over 24 hours, meaning that the YETI has got you covered if you like to have a cool drink next to you at night while you’re sleeping. No longer will you have to get out of bed in order to grab a drink—it will be there, reliably cool and refreshing for those otherwise unbearable hot summer’s nights.

Imagine it’s the middle of August, you’re staying in a non-air conditioned motel in Phoenix, Arizona (the hottest city in the US with an average July temperature of 105.8°F) and you just can’t sleep because of the oppressive heat. Then, you remember your YETI tumbler, which you (thankfully) filled up with deliciously cold water several hours earlier. You reach out your hand to get it, take off the lid, and drink—you’ve never felt so refreshed! That’s the power of the YETI.

Of course, you don’t have to be in such extreme conditions to use a YETI. One of the plus points of the YETI is that the design eliminates the need for coasters. These tumblers never leave rings—they’re the perfect choice of drinkware to have around for dinner parties and social events when you’ve got less coaster-conscious guests over.

Maybe you like to have a drink waiting for you in the car? Well with the YETI, no matter how swelteringly the car is, even if it’s parked under direct sunshine, your drink will remain ice cold.

The insulating power of the YETI is so effective that if you were to use one for a long time, and then went back to normal drinkware cups and mugs, you could easily have an array of gone-cold (or lukewarm) drinks on your hands. The sheer ease with which the YETI keeps your drinks at the right temperature means it’s all too easy to slip into a false sense of security when going back to other drinking vessels. Maybe the answer to this is to make all of your drinkware YETI tumblers.

Size Options

YETI tumblers come in a 20-oz. and a 30-oz. size. You might be thinking that the one you choose ought to depend on the size of your hands and what diameter cup you’re comfortable holding, but with its graceful curves, the 30-oz. tumbler narrows at the bottom, allowing it to be held with the same ease of grip as the smaller 20-oz. option.

So, which one to choose? Well, it depends on what you plan to be using the tumbler for.

If you’re an outdoors adventure type person, then by all means go with the smaller 20-oz. tumbler to ensure it doesn’t take up too much space in your travel rucksack. If, however, you plan to be using the tumbler purely indoors (and perhaps like to drink a lot of liquids) then stick with the larger alternative.

Yeti also makes a Rambler Mug, Rambler Bottle, Rambler Pint and Rambler Lowball. The Lowball is 10 ounces, the Pint is 16 ounces while the Bottle is 18 ounces.

With either size option, you can be certain that your YETI tumbler will be great at keeping your beverages cold or piping hot, right up until the last sip. This is thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation, which is similar to the way that double-glazed windows work in order to keep heat inside your house. That’s right. Your drinks will be insulated just like your house. It’s a neat idea and it works.

What’s it Made of?

That’s not the only link this piece of premium drinkware has to your house. With its 18/8 stainless steel material, the YETI tumbler is made of the same material as your kitchen sink, and as a result, it’s puncture and rust-resistant. And the YETI is not only like your kitchen, it also works with your kitchen, being completely dishwasher safe.

What exactly is 18/8 stainless steel though? What do those numbers mean?

It has to do with the chemical composition of the alloy, made up of 18% chromium and 8% nickel (hence the name 18/8). These elements, in the case of the YETI tumbler, allow it to resist corrosion. The rest of it is iron.

You can tell a lot of thought has been put into the design of the YETI tumbler. The company themselves admit that they’ve really “over-engineered” the design. But with a product which is this good, which also looks and feels so good, and which can cope with practically any situation you could throw at it, you can’t help but be glad that they did over-engineer it.

Keeping your drinks hot or cold seems like one of those things that ought to be very simple, but in actual fact, a lot of time has to be put into the construction of a drinking vessel that will be capable of doing this while also looking good and being comfortable to hold, all while also containing an adequate amount of liquid.

Color Options

The YETI tumbler is available in attractive colors such as:

  • Tahoe blue
  • seafoam
  • olive green
  • black
  • stainless steel

This means you could feasibly buy separate colors for your camping group or family without mixing up whose drink is whose. To be honest they all look great, but nothing beats the slick, “we mean business” styling of the black YETI tumbler.

The other colors are available if you want to show off the brilliance of your drinkware—the otherwise inconspicuously elegant YETI tumbler can easily not attract the attention of onlookers, so if you’re the kind of person who wants to let everybody know that you’ve chosen one of the best tumblers on the market, then the blue and green colors are probably for you. In particular the Tahoe blue color is that sort of unique shade which draws the eye and makes you consider the impressive aesthetics of the product. Plus, the other available colors really fit some of the situations where you’d likely want to use your drinkware.

The seafoam color is just perfect for fishing expeditions where you absolutely need a vessel that will hold enough liquid for your time out on the boat, and the likelihood is that you’d need your drink to be kept hot for a long time if it’s a cold day (or vice versa cold on a hot day).

In a similar way, the olive green color is ideal for camping vacations, in which case your YETI tumbler will camouflage in with your surroundings, blending in with the looks of the pastoral setting while simultaneously holding your drinks and maintaining them at their best temperature.

And, the always useful stainless steel option is a solid choice for any occasion.

But let’s be real. If you were out in the wilderness, miles from civilization or even a drinking water source, then you would be very thankful for the supply of liquid that the YETI can hold at its optimum temperature, allowing you to travel with the luxury of a restorative hot cup of coffee or a refreshingly cold drink of water regardless of what color option you choose.

What’s The Price

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How Does it Stack Up to Others?

When reading through all the YETI tumbler reviews, you are sure to find a ton of useful information about the product itself. But, in a bubble, it’s too easy to make any product look great.

The real test is to see how it compares to other similar products in the market.

Let’s take a look at Rambler side-by-side with some other tumbler options.

YETI Tumbler vs. RTIC Tumbler

Let’s compare the YETI tumbler to a similar product, the RTIC tumbler. These two tumblers have a similar weight, similar visual style, and very similar sizes. The RTIC tumbler can usually be purchased at a slightly lower price than the YETI.

There have been some reports of the RTIC not having the same build quality—for example, the seals easily becoming dislodged, but it’s still a solid product as well.

Really those, these two tumblers look so similar that were it not for the branding, no one (without a curiously in-depth knowledge of drinkware) would be able to tell them apart.

That being said, the YETI does seem to hold up a little better, thought this is completely antidotal.

YETI Tumbler vs. Rocky Mountain Tumbler

Another item of drinkware available for purchase is the Rocky Mountain tumbler. Admittedly, this is a great name, conjuring up imagery of the iconic mountainous range, and instilling you with a confidence that your drink of water will be as cold as the snow on the top of the northernmost high peaks.

The Rocky Mountain tumbler is a very popular item. We feel though that it’s more of a household/morning commute type of tumbler and doesn’t do the job as well as the YETI for longer treks or outdoor usage.

The Final Word

The YETI Rambler, in both the 20 ounce and 30 ounce varieties, is a whole lot of bang for you buck. It’s great for both casual (morning commute) and more serious (camping trips) usage.

There are plenty of options, from the size to the color.

Whether you’re planning on using this as a travel coffee mug or something you’ll take on an extended hike, you won’t go wrong with the Rambler.